Current & future programs

There are number of ways you can get involved with WMK . We provide a range of targeted programs to address the issues affecting the Pokot community. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve finished university and looking to kick start your career or still at school and seeking some real world experience .We’ll have a program for you.
WMK will give you the opportunity to learn new culture, meet unique people, learn new language, get the desirable experience and an opportunity to affect the world and be part of the change. Our flexible programs will allow you to fit and contribute towards the achievement of our mission objectives and the long term vision .Our volunteers are partners with us in our vision and therefore see them as part and parcel of the organizations. Please browse the list of programs to find the program you can help with. You can also contact the program manager for more information on how you can participate in our programs.

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Contact Us

WMK’s field office is based in Lomut,west Pokot.
To contact us ,write to
    The director
    The programmes manager
Or Call our Kenyan Numbers +254723712883 &