Our partners

WMK is committed to impacting the Pokot community spiritually, socially and economically. We will always strive to spread the love of God, meet the physical, social and economic needs of the Pokot by providing sustainable and lasting solutions through our programmes. We can’t do this alone and therefore need the help of partners who will stand with us in our vision. When you support us as partners with your prayers, finances, your faith and your time, you have the opportunity to not only “make a difference” but “make the difference” in someone’s life. Our primary goal is helping out anyway we can. We offer partnership with an attitude of reverence and excitement. Our partners are not just a monthly check and weekly or yearly prayer, they are co-laborers in Christ. When it all comes down to it, we are joining together to be a part something greater than our selves. We are seeing together that we have the option of being vessels of God.

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Contact Us

WMK’s field office is based in Lomut,west Pokot.
To contact us ,write to
    The director joram@wildfireminitrieskenya.org
    The programmes manager info@wildfireministrieskenya.org
Or Call our Kenyan Numbers +254723712883 &