Joram & Elinor Kingori

joramfamily2Joram Kingori is the founder of WMK. Joram has been working with YWAM Athiriver for more than ten years now and has led many mission trips to Pokot, working with the community and leaders in different programmes. Joram’s burden for the Pokot has always been to see them transform socially, economically and spiritually. Through the inspiration of local leaders and pastor John Mills, Joram founded WMK, a Christian organization and sister organization to Wildfire Ministry USA, whose mission is to transform the Pokot community .Joram is married to Elinor Kingori.   Together, they are blessed with 3 children: Ray, Rapha, and Rhema.  Joram is the Director of Wildfires ministry Kenya (WMK).  To support their ministry, please contact the program manager for more information..

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WMK’s field office is based in Lomut,west Pokot.
To contact us ,write to
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