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grazing1) Wildfire children’s camp
The Pokot wildfire ministry children camp is one among the many empowerment progammes the ministry will be conducting in future. The camp targets mainly children.

Main objective of the camp and the camp mission
i) Empower the children with life skills; confidence building, interrelationship skills, conflict resolution, decision making. To help them leave a healthy fulfilling life.
ii) Offer mentorship skills and talents development, career guidance and motivation to help them be agent of change in their communities.
iii) Spread the love of God, give them hope and let them know that God has good plans for all of them.
iv) Empower them with the word of God, how to memorize verses and different bible stories.
v) Empower them with character building skills, Good Christian values and culture.
vi) To motivate, inspire them to be active citizens of and in their country.
The Wildfire Ministries children’s camp targets more than 200 children who will come from different area of Pokot. We will have different activities and sessions. There will be T- shirts for all attendees and opportunity to visit different area of Pokot. To register for the camp, please contact the programme manager.


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